Urgent Advisory for Canadians in Hungary

Urgent message from the Canadian Embassy in Hungary: Wizzair is offering a direct flight from Budapest Airport to Toronto on March 31 at 08:00. This may be the last available flight for Canadians to return home. Continue with this thread to book you on this flight: If you are a citizen/permanent resident of Canada wanting and ready to leave Hungary or Slovenia on the Wizzair flight on March 31, you MUST send an e-mail urgently to the Embassy at BPESTConsular/ Make sure to include the info below.

Once you contact us, we will send you by e-mail detailed information on how to book a seat on the upcoming Wizzair flight to Canada. Please share the information above with other Canadian citizens in your area. The Embassy encourages Canadians in Hungary Slovenia to register in ROCA to enable them to receive travel and safety updates from the Government of Canada. ROCA registration