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With our wide-reaching network of members, partners and stakeholders; we are able to provide a number of services for both Canadian and Central Eastern European companies.

The chamber is the ultimate support system for companies looking to looking to establish, expand or develop in Canada or Central Eastern Europe. Our services are available to all, with priority and discounts given to members. 


Using our local knowledge and network, we can assist Canadian companies to expand in the Central Eastern European market and vice versa. 
We offer: 

  • Insights - we can help you to gain market intelligence and identify business opportunities.

  • Information - we have the know-how needed for the first steps of entering the Canadian and Central Eastern European market. 

  • Connections - we can help connect you with the right partners and service-providers. 



We have a wide network of businesses and organizations in both Canada and Central Eastern Europe which we can provide introductions to. 

We can help you: 

  • Identify - relevant companies to get in touch with

  • Connect - help arrange meetings or company visits.   


We are able to provide an official certificate that your company is a duly incorporated and registered company authorized to engage in business activities in Canada / Central Eastern Europe. 

The certificate also states that the company is not in the process of winding up eg due to bankruptcy, liquidation or a merger.

This certificate may be required for the following: 

  • opening a business bank account 

  • completing an official business transaction or a contract

  • selling the business

  • providing legitimacy when trying to obtain potential business companions or buyers in a foreign country.

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